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Honeywell’s IPGSM-4G is an IP and 4G fire alarm communicator that offers contact ID reporting with any Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) that has a built-in dialer. This easy to install, dual path communicator connects directly to the primary and secondary communication ports of a Fire panel's Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT). It offers three selectable reporting paths which include Cellular only, IP only, or IP primary/cellular backup.

  • Saves the cost of two dedicated phone lines.
  • Dual path communications. Can communicate to central station using Internet or cellular technology.
  • Requires no change to the existing Fire Alarm Control Panel configuration. The IPGSM-4G connects directly to the primary and secondary telephone ports.
  • Multi-GSM platform compatibility for 2G, 3G and 4G.
  • Works over any type of customer provided Ethernet.
  • Base network connection (LAN or WAN), DSL modem or cable modem.
  • Data transmits over standard contact-ID protocol but is secured with the industry's advanced encryption standard (AES 256 bit).
  • Built-In Power Supply module: On board charging circuit design accommodates back-up battery.
  • Includes primary power and battery supervision.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Signal strength and status indicators to simplify troubleshooting.

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The Gamewell-FCI S3 Series TM Fire Alarm System is an easy-to use, intelligent, fire alarm solution designed for small to mid-sized buildings. Analog technology delivers the benefits of a simple system installation, while a user-friendly touch-screen allows for quick, smart and intuitive panel operation and system maintenance

  • 4.3 inch Color touch-screen display 
  • 5 Programmable function buttons for quick and simple access to common service actions 
  • Supports System Sensor or Apollo sensors/modules 
  • Available in one loop – easily expands to two loops without replacing the complete system (252 maximum devices with Apollo, 636 maximum devices with System Sensor) 
  • Communicates to E3 Series® system – for mass notification, voice evacuation capabilities 
  • Supports System Sensor Velociti® – Single or multi-criteria intelligent detectors 
  • Hazard LED Indicator for Gas and Carbon Monoxide event 
  • Built in Ethernet Port for programming and FocalPoint® connectivity 
  • Retrofits into our legacy Gamewell 602/610 and FCI 7100 Series panels 
  • Removable display for optional remote annunciation
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The E3 Series is a line of intelligent, addressable fire alarm panels with networking and digital audio capabilities. Gamewell-FCI has taken a totally fresh approach by transforming the classic fire panel into an Expandable Emergency Evacuation system. The product line serves an extremely wide range of applications. Just a few modules and cabinets can be easily configured, mixed and matched to create a wide range of life safety solutions such as Stand-alone fire alarm system, Emergency voice / alarm communication system (EVAC), and In-building mass notification system (MNS).

  • Expandable and scalable system grows with your project or facility - Supports up to 122 nodes.
  • Integrated high speed networking is built in each major component.
  • Supports two addressable protocols and a range of special sensors
  • All riser functions are supported on a single pair of wire or fiber network reducing wiring and installation costs and provides additional protection from shorts and opens
  • Optional touch screen graphic interface for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Designed for fire alarm, EVAC, or MNS needs of small to large facilities
  • Integrated multi-message audio by using wav files, messages can be custom made for site requirements
  • Distributed messaging ensures that the correct message will be transmitted even during most catastrophic events.

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